FRIEDA is a space where people of all ages and backgrounds can meet, eat, drink, share, learn, and create.
Photo: Jason Qian
At FRIEDA, we believe everyone’s lives are richer if they connect with people of other generations.
Our space is a blank canvas that changes all the time.
Discover what FRIEDA can be for you.
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At FRIEDA, we have one driving goal: to create genuine connections between people of all generations and all social, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds.

We invite you to our safe and inclusive space to interact with people.

Join us for breakfast, brunch/lunch, or a special celebration. Our Paris-trained chef, David, and the FRIEDA multigenerational kitchen and baking team from neighborhoods across Philadelphia will craft for you a European-inspired menu, infused with care and love.

And FRIEDA nourishes you beyond food. You are also welcome to learn and discover through our variety of enriching workshops and happenings centered in the arts, culture, and entertainment, all organized by FRIEDAcommunity.

At FRIEDA, we dedicate as much attention to the diverse individuals that make up our community as we do to the dishes we serve. In 2019, we created a Dinner Meal Plan as a service to people who are less mobile, especially during winter. As neighbors, we look out for each other – whether with a meal or a chat or a chance to laugh and learn together.

Whatever you spend at FRIEDA helps strengthen this community.
You make it possible for FRIEDA to create fair-wage jobs, provide group healthcare to employees, hire or engage retirees, all while offering – at no cost – our space for curated art exhibitions, installations, and many FRIEDAcommunity activities.

Come for a delicious and fun experience! All we ask is that you have an open mind and treat the space, our team, and each other with respect.

Discover what FRIEDA can be for you!

FRIEDA in numbers

*through March 30, 2023

Days (re)connecting generations

Muffins donated to soup kitchens, senior and community centers, hospitals

10 / 20
Languages spoken by / Cultural diversity of FRIEDA team

Paid hours for employees age 50+

Professional opportunities for artists, writers, musicians, performers

Donations, discounts to support other nonprofits

$ raised for STAMP (Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance)

Volunteer hours nurturing the FRIEDA “community”

Attendees for activities, events, workshops