Whimsical Abstraction I


“I value the unlimited spontaneity and the improvisation of the Whimsical Abstraction series. It allows me to go deep into the freedom I sometimes crave. It’s authenticity is provoking just as I hope the viewer will be.”

Size: 9” x 12” x 1.5”

Materials: Acrylic & Gold leaf on cold pressed watercolor paper on board.


Product Description

Lina Yamali Minicucci

Lina has been active in the community ever since she and Ron moved to the city.  Many know her as a polyglot who speaks English, French and is a native Greek speaker.  Lina has gifted her love of her homeland and its culture leading the Greek conversation group for many years.


“The endless search of capturing nature either in the morning light, the sparkle in someone’s eyes or even the quiet breeze that barely touches the bay, gives me reason to yearn for the stroke of my brush. In addition to nature, Byzantine art with all its mysticism has played an important role in shaping my view of history, artistic expression and my life as an artist. Every year I travel to the island of Poros in Greece. A great opportunity to work in plain air while spending time at my birthplace. I attempt to capture it’s magical light, textures, and compositions at the magnificent landscape of the country. I am constantly challenging myself towards many different directions, experimenting with different styles, mediums, subjects and ideas. I will always be a student.”


You can find more of Lina’s work at FRIEDA on 320 Walnut Street or check out her website.

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Additional Information

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