Pixelated Pillow “Bright”


This piece was designed by the FRIEDA Atelier.

The pillowcase is colorful, graphic and decorative. These designs use FRIEDA’s visual language of pixels to communicate the power of community. Bring a splash of color into your home!

The pillow comes with filling.

Size: 18” x 18”

Material: Pillow cover 100% polyester upholstery canvas. . Filling 100% polyester fiber


Product Description

Thomas Steinborn is a co-founder of FRIEDA.  He is responsible for FRIEDA’s look.  Starting with the pixelated logo, Thomas used the pixel to define FRIEDA’s visual language and effectively communicate the power of community.  As the number of pixels grows, so does the number of possibilities to combine them, translating into this immense creative potential.

Thomas is a graduate of the Fachhochschule Darmstadt, Germany. He has enjoyed the benefits of a unique career in communication design, having worked in Germany, Spain, Australia, France…and, since 2014, the United States.

Additional information

Color combination

Red-Purple, Bue-Yellow, Blue-Green, Orange-Blue-Green


Machine wash cold water and dry flat. Avoid dryer incase of shrinkage. Can be dry cleaned as well. Do not bleach.
May shrink after the first wash.

Additional Information

We hope you enjoy this custom-made FRIEDA creation. Each piece is designed at the FRIEDA Atelier as a whimsical and playful way to engage the community. Your purchase helps to support local artists and crafters of all ages.

FRIEDA has embraced the pixel as its visual language to communicate the power of community. As the number of pixels grows, so does the creative potential. Pixels can be arranged in almost infinite combinations, so FRIEDA can be like a blank canvas that has the ability to constantly change, surprise, and empower.


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