The original concept came from the idea of the human at rest. It borrows its structural language from the familiar shape of the camping tent, while simultaneously subverting the expectations of such a symbol. A tent is a makeshift house in nature; Incubator is makeshift nature in a house. If small, enclosed spaces are the only spaces in which one can truly be alone with oneself, then why are they rejected so strongly by most humans in the form of claustrophobia? Perhaps because of the womb and the coffin, the vehicles of our birth and death, they remind us of our own mortality. But is there a way for such a small, enclosed space to provide a place of rest – to inspire positive feelings of calmness, mindfulness, and oneness? Incubator is made for human use. As a result, it is viscerally anthropomorphic. The viewer is beckoned to enter, promising transformation and wholeness. It speaks of the unknown, the looking glass, the magical wardrobe of unspoken secrets and mystique. Incubator speculates a future in which it is necessary for humans to look deep within themselves in order to return to a former state of being. It is a reflection on nature, humanity, life, restoration, a return to the primordial, a reversion to a pastoral state of being.

Material: Plywood, plastic

Size: 57” x 39”

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Product Description

Ivy Xue ’s work was selected for the “green” group exhibition at FRIEDA (November 2021 – January 2022).

Ivy holds a Bachelor in Art with a major in Studio Arts, and a certificate in Applications in Computing from Princeton University. Xue is exploring her interest in the visual arts and graphic design, as well as Asian American issues.


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Additional Information

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